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Lauren Dawson
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What is a Consent Token?

Yoga Consent Tokens provide an easy and discreet way of indicating to the teacher that you would prefer not to be touched. With current discussions around consent, more yoga teachers and studios are considering how to make their classes a safe space. Some yoga studios have recently introduced consent cards, or ask you to speak to the teacher, however these options single out individuals. Our tokens are given to the entire class at the start of the lesson, allowing each student to express their preference discreetly.

We began designing and making Consent Tokens because we were looking for a set ourselves. However, we could only find them available in the US, and not in a design that really resonated with us. We hope that you like our design and find that these Tokens work for you.


Clear Meaning

We have designed our Consent Tokens to enable students to understand the purpose of the token without the teacher having to explain them at the start of each class - something that can get quite repetitive for regular attendees! Simply hand out the tokens to pupils at the start of the class, and let the token do the rest.

The circular design ensures that students can read the token no matter which way they pick it up.

Clear from a Distance

The lack of a symbol on the ‘no thanks’ side of the Token allows teachers to clearly see from a distance which preference a student has without having to read the token.

Change your mind anytime

Rather than speaking to the teacher at the start of a session, the consent token allows a student to change their mind at anytime during the class. A student may be happy for help most of the time, but rather be left alone for a single pose.


Do you have your own logo that you want to use? Message us using the form below and we can arrange to make a special batch of Yoga Consent Tokens just for you, with your logo in the middle.


We’re ready to take pre-order on both of our styles of Yoga Consent Tokens! Fill in the forms below, or head straight over to our shop to place an order. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way as we move towards shipping them to you.

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